Criteria For Admission


  1. Patient is terminally ill with a medical prognosis of six months or less if the disease process runs its normal course.
  2. Certification by the attending physician and CHC’s physician that the patient is terminally ill.
  3. Patient is no longer seeking curative treatment but is seeking comfort measures and palliative treatment only.
  4. Patient has an identifiable, capable, reliable caregiver willing to accept responsibility for the patient’s care.
  5. Patients residing in Assisted Living Facilities.
  6. Patient resides in Seneca Co., including all of Fostoria and S. W.   Huron Co.
  7. Patient resides in a long term care facility with which we contract:

Autumnwood Care Center, St. Francis Home, Inc.; Tiffin Developmental Center in Tiffin; Bellevue Care Center; St. Catherine’s Care Center, Independence House, Good Shepherd Home in Fostoria; Hillside Acres Nursing Home, The Willows at Willard; St. Francis Healthcare Center in Greensprings; or Arbors in Clyde.



  1. Conditions that are not terminal in nature.
  2. A prognosis that does not carry a life expectancy of six months or less.
  3. Patient is receiving active treatment for the disease process which is not considered palliative in nature.
  4. Absence of a primary caregiver.
  5. Hospice provides comfort measures through pain and symptom management. The emotional, social, and spiritual needs are also addressed.

The Care is provided by the Hospice Team which includes physician, nurses, social workers, home health aides, religious advisor, and trained volunteers. The team meets weekly every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in the Community Hospice Care conference room.

All patients/family members are welcome to attend this confidential meeting.

Hospice care is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and some insurances. Hospice also receives monies from United Way and private donations, memorials and through our own fundraising. NO ONE IS DENIED CARE BECA– USE OF FINANCIAL NEED! NO ONE IS EVER BILLED!

The following services are provided by Community Hospice Care:

  • Coordination of care in the home or long term care facility
  • Social Worker visits, Spiritual visits if needed
  • RN visits, (unlimited), 24 hour on call availability
  • DME’s-beds, wheelchairs, oxygen, etc
  • Caregiver education
  • Medications for pain and symptom control pertinent to the terminal diagnosis
  • Bereavement for 14 months after death; counseling, newsletters, support groups, extensive library resources
  • Inpatient respite for 5 days, if needed
  • Continuous care on an emergency basis
  • Hospice Aides/Homemaker services
  • RT, PT, OT, Dietary counseling, Speech
  • Volunteer Services
  • Massage & Healing Touch / Reiki Therapy
  • Life Review


Referrals for Care

To make a referral for care please call 419-447-4040 and ask to speak with the Patient Care Coordinator. If calling during off hours, please leave a message with the answering service and someone will return your call.

Other ways to contact us:

181 E. Perry St.
Tiffin, Ohio 44883

Phones: (419) 447-4040


FAX: (419) 447-4657